Appetizers 開胃精選

Oysters Rockefeller ( Half Dozen )    乳酪焗纽西兰鲜生蠔( 半打 )

Air Flown New Zealand Oysters, baked with butter spinach and finely chopped turkey bacon

Oysters Natural ( Half dozen )    纽西兰鲜生蠔 ( 半打 )

Air Flown New Zealand Oysters on half shell, chilled with crushed ice, served with cocktail and tobasco sauce

Hors D'oeuvre Varies ( For 2 )    法式什锦海鲜冷盘( 二人用 )

Varies of cold appertizers, crabmeat, shrimps, smoked salmon, turkey ham and boiled egg, served with mayonnaise, cocktail sauce, crackers and butter

Escargots Bourguinonne ( Half dozen )    香蒜烘法国蜗牛( 半打 )

Delicious French snails baked in chablis garlic sauce

Baked Fresh Scallops ( Half dozen )    乳酪烘生貝 ( 半打 )

Choice succulent scallops baked with white wine bechamel sauce and cheese

Air Flown Smoked Norwegian Salmon    挪威熏三文鱼冷盘

Slices of salmon served with sliced tomato, cucumber, lettuce, crackers and butter

Mango & Prawns Cocktail    芒果燴明蝦冷盘

Fresh prawns on a bed of diced mango and shredded lettuce topped with cocktail sauce

Seafood Cocktail    什锦海鲜冷盘

A blend of crabmeat, shrimps, smoked oyster, ebiko and smoked salmon garnished with mayonnaise, shredded jellyfish and cocktail sauce

Fresh Shrimps or Crabmeat Cocktail    鲜虾仁或蟹肉冷盘

Garnished with our special concoction of cocktail sauce

Garlic Toast    香蒜土司

Specially prepared finely minced garlic and butter on three slices of bread

Oysters Rockefeller
Escargots Bourguinonne
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